Irish Grappler Magazine interview Roger Dardis

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Check out Irish Grappler Magazine Featuring Royal Grappling Academy Coach Roger Dardis

 “If you say the name Marcelo Garcia to any BJJ Player, they will know immediately who you are talking about. If you mention a member of the Gracie Clan or the Machado Family – you are instantly met with recognition. They are giants of the Jiu Jitsu world; but here is the thing; they are accessible. You can walk into any academy anywhere in the world and train with these guys- and they will welcome you. Seminars take place all over the world with the likes of Braulio Estima, Rodolfo Vieira and Andre Galvao.

They are visible at competition, they are competing and they are coaching. If you ask for a photo – you’re not met with burly bodyguards and PR handlers, you’re not bustling with hoards of fans and most of the major players ( in fact all of them I’ve ever met) greet you with a smile. Friends are made on a global scale. In this era it’s rare indeed.

Now let me get back to Marcelo Garcia. He is considered by many to be the greatest living grappler – personally I’m not qualified enough to debate the issue – but there are few who disagree. Garcia has won every major award there is to win and he has done it many, many times. Irish Grappler recently met with Roger Dardis of the Royal Grappling Academy in Blanchardstown, who is at present the only Marcelo Garcia brown belt outside the USA.

In comparative terms (let’s say soccer) this is the equivalent of getting your coaching badges from Messi!”

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