Bristol Trip

I’m heading off on my first training trip of 2013 from 11th – 13th Jan, to train with Pedro Bessa and his team in Bristol. There are several members of Team Pedro Bessa making this event with Liam Beechinor and a contingent from BJJ Cork and some of the new black belts and their students from Pedro’s affiliates in Wales all getting together to exchange techniques and train together.

I am delighted that Liam invited me along as I’ve been down to his academy in Cork City regularly for great training and good vibes. He is an excellent coach in his own right and I’ve also trained with Pedro in Cork and in Bristol on previous occasions. He has the solid Jiu-Jitsu you would expect coming from Eduardo Telles and Fernando “Terere” Academy in Sao Paulo.

I’ll let you know how I get on… It’s what the Soul Rolling movement is all about, meeting new people, having a Roll and expanding your world through Jiu-Jitsu.

Training at  BJJ Cork
Training at BJJ Cork

For more info on Pedro Bessa or BJJ Cork go to the links below.

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