Last Weekend we held an Open Training Session to celebrate the second anniversary of Royal Grappling Academy and the official beginning of Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu Association Ireland.

We’re delighted to be welcomed into Marcelo’s Association and would like to thank all at MG Academy in New York for their support. We’re looking forward to the exciting future for Royal Grappling Academy.

We’d also like to thank all the visitors that came by from different teams to learn together and for their continuing support over the last couple of years. Kyuzo, Team Ryano, Ganbaru and SBG were all represented on the mats and shared in the cake and coffee afterwards.

The day started with techniques from 10-11am.  First a warm up and drills taught by Roger Dardis followed by some Judo Techniques with Robbie Brennan from Team Ryano, a guard pull with sweep from Paul Fox and finished off with some excellent collar choke options from Team Ryano head coach and BJJ Black Belt, Andy Ryan. The atmosphere was great and everyone then joined in for Rolling from 11-12:30.

To round out the day we held our first promotions here at the Academy. We are hugely proud of our first two blue belts to come through our program. It’s testament to hard word and over two years of consistant focused training, that Petesy Carroll and Stephen Daly received their belts. Congratulations guys.

Our next Open Training Session will coincide with our Christmas Celebration, tentatively pencilled in for Saturday 14th December. As always our open door policy applies.










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