East Coast to West Side….

Darragh O Conail_3The seminar with Darragh O Conaill, Head Coach of East Coast Jiu-Jitsu Academy, was a great success.  We had a good turnout and it was awesome to have visitors from other clubs around the country.  Darragh covered some details on setups and the finer points of finishing the three main chokes in Marcelo Garcia’s game: Guillotine, Rear Naked Choke and the North South Choke.  Darragh’s explanation and teaching style appealed to all from the newest beginner to seasoned purple belts.  Everyone left with something new to add to their arsenal.  We ended the class with Darragh and one of his students, Marcus Phelan, rolling with all comers.  We at Royal Grappling Academy would like to wish them all the best with their 2013 competition season.

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