Roger Dardis, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt.

In 2005 after training for almost ten years in martial arts Roger moved from Ireland to the US. He started training Jiu Jitsu in NYC at Ronin Athletics under Christian Montes. During this time he competed in some NAGA and Grapplers Quest grappling competitions winning and medalling in the beginner and intermediate divisions.

In 2010 he started training with 5x world champion and 4x ADCC champion Marcelo Garcia in NYC. In this world famous gym Roger trained daily alongside world champions and some of the toughest up and comers in BJJ until 2013, learning from not only Marcelo Garcia but Henrique Rezende (Nogi world champion and nogi pan am champion) and Paul Schreiner (world and pan am medallist).

A competitor since 2006 having over 100 competitive grappling matches he brings a lot of experience.

Roger is the current brown belt masters European champion (2017) at Middleweight and Absolute (all weights combined). He has competed consistently since white belt nationally and internationally. A two time competitor at the world championships some of his notable achievements are 2013 Rome Open brown belt open weight gold medalist (masters), NOGI pan ams 3x medalist (purple belt), 2013 Irish Open Brown Belt gold medalist, 2014 London Open NoGi Brown Belt Absolute Gold Medalist and 2015 Irish Open Brown Belt Absolute Gold Medalist, . Roger is an open minded coach, always learning and adapting to changes within the sport and models his game around that of his coach Marcelo Garcia. Attentive to each students individual needs while always trying to better their understanding of Jiu Jitsu.

Paul Fox, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt.

Paul Fox Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt.

Paul, an avid traveller, has trained with some of the worlds best and has competed and medaled in BJJ and Submission wrestling in Ireland, the UK (Gold and Silver in the London IBJJF Open), the European Championship and in the USA where he won gold in his division at the Florida State Championship and Silver at the NY BJJ Pro. In his final year as brown belt Paul travelled to the IBJJF European masters championship and tested himself at the highest level, with some beautiful Jiu-Jitsu he was crowned European Masters Champion at Featherweight.

“I began martial arts as a small, skinny 17 year old asthmatic, to regain confidence after suffering a beating at the hands of a gang of thugs in Dublin city centre. Training started at one day a week and quickly escalated to 3 plus running and gym sessions for several years through college in traditional martial arts (ninjitsu/kickboxing mainly but trying my hand at a few other styles). I tried my first classes of BJJ in Boulder, Colorado in 2001 and realised immediately that this was the best way for a smaller opponent to subdue a much larger one by virtue of technique and leverage. I was hooked.

After returning to Ireland in 2004 I couldn’t find a BJJ club initially so started training some freestyle fighting in Dublin City Centre and did some capoeira, judo and boxing on the other nights of the week… In March 2006 I found BJJ again in Harolds Cross and under the tutelage of John Kavanagh, Head Coach of SBG Ireland, I was a fixture on the mats. My curiosity extended to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) so I started attending the Muay Thai, Wrestling and MMA classes and for the next 3 years I trained as much as I could. Since 2008 after a 5 month trip to Brazil for BJJ training in Rio, Hawaii for MMA at BJ Penn’s and then some Thaiboxing in Thailand I returned home with a fresh resolve and switched my focus solely to Grappling. My reason was mainly because I wanted to do something that I could enjoy for the rest of my life and be able to see improvements even as I got older.

Most martial arts are attribute based in that as your strength, speed and agility decline with age so does your ability to be competitive. In BJJ, technique is the big deciding factor. I compete as much as possible to test myself and win or lose I know I’ll learn from the experience”.