Irish Open Results

We had a good result from our second outing as a Competition Team. Coaches Roger Dardis and Paul Fox, Tomo Cryan, Darren Lewins, Colly Morrisroe and Stephen Daly all put their Jiu-Jitsu to the test in Ireland’s largest ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition

Roger demonstrated considerable skill in defeating his game opponent by collar choke from the back to win Gold in the Brown Belt Division. His polished game was a result of his competition experience with wins and medals in some of the worlds biggest tournaments.

Paul Fox after 3 matches came up with a Silver medal in the <70kg Featherweight Purple Belt Masters division. Losing his first match by an advantage point in a close affair, winning the second by points 4-2 and facing off against Ryan Smyth from Alliance Sligo in the final. Ryan caught him in a tight armbar from closed guard and forced the tap.

Some valuable competition experience was gained and everyone took something away from their performance at Ireland's largest ever BJJ tournament.

This was a fantastic event run with the highest standards by Liam Beechinor and Barry Oglesby. Great to see that they're raising the bar for all Irish Jiu-Jitsokas to make competing a better experience.

Next Irish tournament is on the 22nd June in Cork so let's get back to training.


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