Jiu-Jitsu Road trippin’

Aside from the fitness, confidence and self-defence that can be derived from training in the gentle art and living the Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle, one of the greatest benefits is the group of positive people you will encounter and share the mats with.

As a natural extension of this, it is normal to be able to travel and train in other academies anywhere in the world. As Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu developed in the Brazilian Culture, by and large the clubs are welcoming, friendly places where like minded people get together to share technique in pursuit of mastery of the art.

With that in mind… Last Saturday, when Liam in BJJ Cork extended an invite to attend an informal tournament/rolling session, we accepted and hastily got our gameplans together for things we wanted to work on with different training partners. With this decided and Darren drawing the short straw to drive, we headed down. Stephen Daly, Craig McLoughlin, Darren Lewins, Roger Dardis and Paul Fox all took part in what was a great day of training. There were also some representatives from BJJ Cork and Limerick Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. Everyone had between 2 and 5 competition matches and then paired off with some members of other clubs to share some tips whilst they enjoyed the vibes of the reggae music coming from the speakers.

Hopefully this can become a regular thing with a Road Trip countrywide every couple of months. Our doors are always open to those of you wanting to drop in for a visit.



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