Pedro Bessa Seminar Breakdown

It was a few weeks ago that we enjoyed 2 days of training with our friends in Kyuzo BJJ Academy in Glasnevin.
Leading the training was Pedro Bessa, a world class Brazilian Black Belt under Eduardo Telles who is now based in Bristol.

We had the morning sessions on our mats in Royal Grappling Academy and the evening sessions in Kyuzo in Glasnevin.

Session 1 covered some passing techniques from standing after opening closed guard. There was 3 variations: Smash Pass, Back Step and Finally a way to pass if the guard player switches to knee shield.

Session 2 covered some nice Butterfly guard sweeps and led into loop chokes and a cross choke. Pedro gave some good pointers on grips and the importance of maintaining control throughout. The final technique was a counter attack against a knee-cut pass. This sweep was from the half-spider/reverse de la Riva position which I like to employ a lot so it was a great addition to my arsenal.

Session 3 was NOGI and covered a half-guard pass to mount to arm-triangle sequence and a back step variation to Arm triangle submission.

Session 4 was a sweep from butterfly guard and some lapel chokes. All depending on your opponent’s reaction.

It was great to have Pedro over and everyone enjoyed rolling with him and learned details to take their Jiu-Jitsu up a notch.

Thanks to Barry and his team for co-hosting and making it possible. We’ll be announcing some more seminars soon.





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