Roll on March……..

Looking forward to welcoming Roger Dardis, BJJ Brown Belt,  to join the coaching team at Royal Grappling Academy in the next couple of months.


Roger began studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu when he moved from Ireland to NYC in the summer of 2006. Roger had been training Traditional Japanese martial arts in the years before he left for New York, and like most martial artists at that time was a big fan of the UFC so he decided to switch up his training and try out some MMA. He found the MMA gym Ronin Athletics and studied under head coach Christian Montes

Although he started training for MMA he quickly fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and soon dropped the MMA to train exclusively BJJ. During this time he competed in some NAGA and Grapplers Quest grappling competitions winning and medalling in the beginner and intermediate divisions.

In November of 2010 he started training with 5x world champion and 4x ADCC champion Marcelo Garcia in NYC. In this world famous gym Roger trained alongside world champions and some of the toughest up and comers in BJJ for 2.5 years learning from not only Marcelo but Henrique Rezende (Nogi world champion and nogi pan am champion) and Paul Schreiner (world and pan am medallist).

A competitor since 2007 having over 100 competitive grappling matches he brings a lot of experience.

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