Royal Grappling Academy coach Roger Dardis to compete on Pay-per-View


This weekend is a stacked weekend for the Jiu-Jitsu community.

With Metamoris, now featuring Marcelo Garcia Brown Belt Matheus Diniz against Vinny Magalhaes and Copa Podio, featuring Marcelo Garcia Brown Belt Jon Satava on Saturday.  Royal Grappling Academy coach and fellow Marcelo Garcia Brown belt Roger Dardis will compete on Sunday in the very first Toukon Challenge in London. He is featured in an 8 man Brown belt Grand prix against some of the toughest brown belts in the world.




Toukon challenge has created a great new way for fighters to work and earn money. Fighters will take a percentage of their PPV sales and door tickets sale. All tickets must be bought from our unique website, where customers will have to choose a fighter from the drop down menu. If you plan on buying the PPV please choose Roger Dardis during check out.


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